Kathleen is deeply compassionate about helping others in her life whether personal or

in her career.  She has the ability to listen, inspire and share what she

has learned about being true to her own nature.  Compassion is an awesome attribute to have.  Sometimes however compassion can show up as fatigue and stress can harm our mind, body, emotional and spirit and we lose compassion for ourselves. What about your family?  Do they get the same compassion that you give to others?  


Kathleen values spirituality, love of family and friends along with the following:


Compassion             Trust          Respect          Truth                 

         Creativity             Open-mindedness            Care for Self       Courage                                                                                                                                          I get to learn and grow as a person that enjoys helping others with humility and                                               kindness for myself.   

Kathleen worked as a counselor in the chemical health field for the past 20 years.  Her career focus has changed.  She now has the desire to continue in the helping field as a *Guide*!  Coaching others to embrace their life purpose of Caring for others in a healthy manner. She will help shine light on life areas that are out of balance when Caring for themselves comes in last.       


She will encourage her clients to discover for themselves that yes, they can embrace their life challenges and be true to themselves.  They will discover how to use their talents and gifts in a healthy way.  Her clients will gain insight into what it would be like to continue with their life purpose with confidence, open-mindedness, balance and learn to allow others to assist them as well! Clients can expect and know that they will be guided with integrity and respect. 




                                            Yes, Your Life Is A Gift!





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