Kathleen's Vision

As An Inspirational Life Guide



My goal is to challenge and prepare clients to gain perspective, reflect and balance their life values. I will inspire and support you to live authentically with integrity and truth in all of your life areas.  You will be provided with the opportunity that will lead to connection and meaning, not just within the lives of others, but especially,


Your own Life.



    Kathleen's Mission


Spread Peace and Love To Everyone We Encounter.

   Our world will be a more pleasant place to live.          

        As An Inspirational Life Guide

Clients will learn to trust their intuition and begin to navigate their life journey with compassion for themselves.  They will know when to take a time out when life areas are out of balance and perspective has been lost. They will assertively express the need for healthy boundaries when compassion has turned into fatigue.


Through their awareness, they will gain confidence in accepting they can Care for themselves and contribute to others lives in a healthy manner. HOW?  With guidance and support.  Having compassion for your fellowman is honorable and very much needed in our world.  Thank you for your contributions!  Come join me and learn how to answer this question "How can giving myself the gift of time be a gift for others in our world?" 





Yes, Your Life Is A Gift!